Fertility Check Up Day

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 | 11am to 6pm

Whether you want children soon, in the future, or are still deciding if you want them, we invite you to come learn about your fertility health status at our Fertility Check Up Day.

Your one-hour, personalized Fertility Check Up will include:

·      A one-on-one consultation with fertility expert, Dr. Maureen Kelly. Together you will discuss factors that impact your fertility, including your medical and family history, lifestyle, birth control use, menstrual history, pregnancy history, and surgical history.

·      A simple blood test to measure AMH, a hormone that informs us about your current fertility potential.

·     Optional pre-conception genetic screening, also in the form of a blood test. This is to determine prior to pregnancy whether you are a carrier for the most common conditions passed down from parents to children (i.e. Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell, and Ashkenazi Jewish Diseases). Genetic screening is now routinely recommended for everyone prior to conception.

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What: A day to help women learn more about their fertility health

When: One-hour appointments on Wednesday, October 4th 2017 from 11:00am to 6:00pm

Where: Society Hill Reproductive Medicine,
822 Pine Street, Suite 4B, 19107

Bring: Your insurance card* and ID

Other Important Information

What will I need to bring?
Please bring your insurance card and a copy of your ID.

*What if I don’t have insurance?
If you do not have insurance, we have discounted self-pay rates available. Please contact our office to learn more.

Do I need a referral?
If your insurance plan typically requires you to get a referral to see a specialist, then you will need a referral. If you have questions about how to do this, please call our office at 215-829-8110.

Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/wife/husband?
Yes, they are most welcome!

How long will I be at your office?
Plan to stay for an hour.

Is there parking?
There is a parking garage across from Pennsylvania Hospital on 8th Street between Spruce and Pine. We can help you validate your ticket to get a discounted rate.

Can't make it?

If you aren't available for this event but would like to schedule a Fertility Check Up for a different day, please leave us your contact information here:

Name *


Call us at 215-829-8110 and we would be more than happy to answer them!